Not Sure Which Method to Go for When Getting Your Carpets Cleaned?

Will a Carpet Cleaning Service Use Different Machines for Certain Carpets?

carpet cleanerA machine to clean carpets that is used by a professional carpet cleaning service takes out dirt, dust, stains, and debris from carpet fibres. These machines give carpets deeper cleaning than most vacuums can do. Vacuums are great at getting rid of crumbs and other debris that haven’t ground into the carpet fibres.

There are 2 different types of machines, wet and dry. Wet machines, often called steam cleaners work by spraying water on the carpet, and then sucking the dirty water up. When this method works well, the carpet is left not only much cleaner, but smelling fresher. When using this type of cleaner, care must be taken to avoid soaking the carpet, which will dis-color it or even, in some cases, shrink it.

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